Civil Construction and Engineering

Zito International Links Civil Construction and Engineering is a private construction and engineering company. The firm has been in existence for over 50 years and has been a major player in the modern development of Africa and other parts of the globe.

The firm provides technically advanced and value-driven design and engineering solutions for the construction of buildings, civil structures, industries, roads and infrastructure. The Company’s portfolio covers all design and engineering phases from research, to drafts and concepts, to detailed construction design, as well master planning.

Most notably, international and domestic design and engineering ensure professional design and value engineering solutions for the greater success and long term performance of construction projects.

Where to find us:-

Nigerian Office: Zito International Links, N36 Building Materials International Market, Anambra State.

Tel: +2348055527515

E: zitointernationallinks@kayndrex.com

Our offices in United Kingdom can be found here.

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