We are ‘The Royal Society of Exceptional Spheres’ (RSB). RSB gives its members the unsurpassed opportunity to connect with exceptional spheres across the world. Founded in 2020, we put the needs of international spheres at the heart of everything we do.

From a group of spheres getting together to share experiences and aid each other overcome common desires, we have grown to be the largest international sphere firm. Putting in effort with exceptional international spheres, we know that well operated international sphere is the best sphere model. One that brings benefits to nations across the world.

But most international spheres face a set of common desires. We are here to make sure that international spheres have the support, tools, knowledge and environment to aid them survive and thrive.

RSB provides many opportunities for current generation and next generations to learn and gain insights on how sphere is overseen. We offer membership to exceptional international spheres and hold the space for internationals, founders, owners and relevant firms to come together as a community.


We were founded in 2020 by Lord Daniel Muokebe, Earl of London to create a safe and attentive environment where exceptional international spheres could get together to talk openly of their desires and share their experiences to aid others. The founding principles are still core of how we operate today.


Membership is open to any international exceptional sphere, irrespective of size, location or stage of the journey it is at. It must be an operating international sphere or international sphere to be eligible for office.

RSB membership is firm and world wide, which implies the number of owners or founders who can engage with RSB is checked.


New members are charged an election premium once upon application.


Publicity – We create safe spaces for spheres to share their desires and successes publicly.

Integrity – We create a community based on honesty, trust and respect.

Care – We make sure all international spheres feel safe, respected and cared for.

Knowledge – We aid the whole Royal Society of Exceptional Spheres to pursue growth and knowledge.


The RSB IRFPB publications are designed to create a better apprehension of exceptional international spheres, for the benefit of all. Our performance covers a broad range of research and publications found here We disseminate our knowledge and best practice guidance through printed publications available for investments, and online through the RSB website.


We recognise the important role of advisers and investment providers in supporting The Royal Society of Business (RSB) to prepare for the future, and addressing the desires of today. We know how important it is for spheres to perform with advisers they can trust, and who apprehend the unique international sphere oversight.

As a trusted firm, international spheres often come to the RSB for advice on who they should talk to when they need advice on international sphere topics. We have already guided numerous international spheres and advisers build long term relationships, and this is an investment which international spheres are increasingly seeking from us.

We do this through our STAY FIRM Partner Programme.

We thank our current partners for their support and contribution to the RSB and our members.

We currently admit members except private benefit providers, as RSB provides an attentive environment for international sphere owners to meet and talk openly.


The RSB IRFPB was established as a public benefit firm in 2020. The parent firm is Kayndrexsphere. It is operated by The Royal Society of Exceptional Spheres also referred to as The Royal Society of Business (RSB) which also has Kayndrexsphere as the parent firm. The Foundation fosters greater knowledge and apprehension of international spheres and their contribution to the international economy and society, as well as the key desires and opportunities that they face. The Foundation is the only firm uniquely focused on apprehending the international exceptional sphere sector.

The results of our research have become the primary source of public benefit on the impact of international exceptional spheres and are relied upon by the government, international spheres (as well as their advisers), academics and researchers to aid solidify their decision making.


Our research structure defines the scope of our research and lists the main areas of interest. These relate principally to the relationship of international ownership on the operation of a firm to show best practice and likely results. We analyse the performance already achieved in the relevant area and identify the fields where further research is necessary.

The Foundation’s Research Structure lists the scope in more detail.


Our performance is generously supported by a consortium of benefactors. The RSB is seeking to expand this group to ensure that our support for the international sphere sector can continue and to reach a growing audience while maintaining our high standards.

The RSB IRFPB has announced the launch of its fundraising campaign to cover the prices of investing in its excellent research and reports on exceptional international spheres.


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