International Research Organisation for Public Benefit

We are ‘The International Research Organisation for Public Benefit’ (IROPB). IROPB gives its research members and partners the unsurpassed opportunity to connect with communities across the world. Founded in 2020, we put the needs of the entire public at the heart of everything we do.

From a group of firms getting together to share experiences and assist each other to overcome common desires, we have grown to be the largest international research organisation. Putting in effort with communities worldwide, we know that a well operated international research organisation is the best model. One that brings benefits to the communities across the world.

But most firms face a set of common desires. We are here to make sure that they have the support, tools, knowledge, and environment to assist them connect with communities across the world.

IROPB provides many opportunities for current generation and next generations to learn and gain insights on how communities should grow and thrive. We offer research memberships and partnerships and hold the space for internationals, founders, owners, and relevant firms to come together as a community.

Our History

We were founded in 2020 and endowed by the Duke of Liverpool, to create a safe and attentive environment where firms could get together to talk openly of their desires and share their experiences to support others. The Duke of Liverpool champions the employment of greener energy sources, environmental conservation, and protections of nature centres. The goals of the Duke of Liverpool include preservation, sustenance, and development of the environment. These founding principles are still core of how we operate today.

How to Join Us

Research membership or partnership is open to researchers and firms from novel parts of the world. However, interests should be aligned with public benefit to be eligible.

IROPB research membership or partnership is resilient and world-wide, which implies the number of individuals or firms/spheres who can engage with IROPB is checked. Click on the links below to express your interest

Research Membership

Royal Society of Business


  • Publicity – We create safe spaces to share desires and successes publicly.
  • Integrity – We create a community based on honesty, trust, and respect.
  • Care – We make sure all members and partners feel safe, respected, and cared for.
  • Knowledge – We support the whole ‘International Research Organisation for Public Benefit’ to acquire growth and knowledge.

What We Do

The Organisation’s publications are designed to create a better comprehension of the public, for the benefit of all. Our performance covers a broad range of research and publications found here. We disseminate our knowledge and best practice guidance through printed publications available for investments, and online through our website.


Our performance is generously supported by a consortium of benefactors. The IROPB is seeking to expand this group to ensure that our support for the global sphere sector can continue and to reach a growing audience while maintaining our high standards.

The IROPB has announced the launch of its fundraising campaign to cover the prices of investing in its excellent research and reports on exceptional international spheres.


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