Kayndrex Investment School


Commence development and manufacturing new firms while maintaining expertise within standard firms. Essential to this process is ongoing dialogue with STAY FIRM partners which is embedded in this website. As firm proposals are developed, we try to gain a complete and accurate recognition of the total evaluation to execute the project efficiently and effectively. It is important to us that our firms apprehend our current RoboAdvisors as it relates to the novel approaches taken by us.

Dialogue proposals are reviewed at various levels, with more levels of review for firms that are more complex. We apply a standard process to develop all of our firm dialogues to look like this.

Dialogue – is communication that permits investors to share their honest opinions. It is the creation of shared apprehension in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support so as to arrive at a mutually beneficial income.

Name – this must represent a firm. It could be an individual or an organisation.

Email – The firm’s email address. 

Firm – (Firms are invested in currency of Great Britain). Input amounts in numbers.

Proposal Dialogue – your firm proposal; reason for investing in firms; what are your aims and objectives?

Firm Focus Area – this section is optional but should include an area within Kayndrex Investment which the firm/firms found suitable.