Policies and Resources


Cyber security is one of the Kayndrex Foundation’s main priorities across the improvement of its organisational processes. The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring its activities, infrastructure, and systems are both as safe and secure as possible. Therefore, the Foundation has adopted the best practices published in its ‘Cyber Policy’. These best practices include organisational and technical aspects of organisational cyber security, governance, incident management, security by design, cooperation, and information sharing.  

Cyber security is embedded in every aspect of the Foundation’s activities, infrastructure, and systems. Our cybersecurity processes and protection technology has been audited by several national and international regulatory bodies. We set up security gates to ensure the integrity of the entire organisation. They allow us to consistently fulfil stakeholder and regulatory requirements while demonstrating continuous improvement. 

Our services, infrastructure, and systems are designed around a suite of instruments that constantly and robustly monitor environment and orientation within a particular environment. This suite of instruments operates with extreme speed and accuracy, providing a complete view of the organisation with very precise assessment to all threats and risks of cyber security. The technology applies a variety of novel sensors, some of which are tuned for risk detection and others that are better suited for risk recognition and localisation.  

Our dedication to product and system safety is at the heart of the Foundation’s activities. This has been true since day one and will continue to foster our innovation and growth effectively.  

This five pillars principle governs our system security mission: 

  1. DESIGN: when we design, our main priority is to achieve a high level of security consistent with their application, always ensuring that we fulfil or exceed the relevant legal, regulatory, and industry requirements. We are proactive in assessing potential risks and to putting regulations in place, taking all reasonable precautions to remove security threats.  
  1. VALIDATION AND PROCESSES: robust quality is an essential part of security and – by following our standardised, repeatable, and documented processes – we make sure that our products and systems and those of our suppliers fulfil expectations.  
  1. DEPLOYMENT: The Kayndrex Foundation’s deployment process has security at its core. The Foundation has a comprehensive function review process that involves a cross-functional group of personnel assessing potential threats and removal strategies. Additionally, the Foundation’s personnel or trained partners are on-site to validate any product or system requirements, set-up the agreed function, and conduct established tests, to ensure a project(s) can be deployed securely. 
  1. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We are dedicated to continuously improving product and system security, and actively engage in setting industry standards and good practices. We measure our performance, and rigorously investigate and resolve security-related concerns, systematically embedding the knowledge gained into our practices and processes. In addition, the organisational mindset of all the Foundation’s personnel is to report any product or system security concern. In addition, by putting in effort with our partner organisations and through our daily exchanges with organisations worldwide, we are constantly receiving valuable experience and response that enable us to improve our security approach. These partnerships ensure that we always develop and maintain state-of-the-art methodologies. 
  1. CULTURE: Our management champions and prioritises product security so that security-related responsibilities get the right attention, time, and resources. This priority is passed across, and is clearly and consistently communicated across every area of the organisation, worldwide. It is made clear to every personnel what they are accountable for and everyone takes ownership of product and system security, collectively and personally. Because everyone at the Foundation shares responsibility for product and system security, and needs to be aware of the implications of their actions in this respect, we conduct awareness presentations to ensure and enhance our personnel’ comprehension of the Foundation’s product and system security policy and processes.