Cyber security has rapidly emerged as one of the top priorities for Kayndrexsphere. We rely on the Internet for business purposes. From online communications to web investments, as well as data storage in the clouds, it seems like nearly everything is dependent on computers and the Internet. This reliance has spawned a dramatic uptick in cyber security efforts. 

Cyber Policy 

Our Cyber Policy mitigates uncertainties as much as possible. It encompasses detailed procedures for the safeguarding of current systems. The policy’s strategy like every other Kayndrexsphere strategy or policy, was designed with posterity in mind.   

Our security leaders need to justify security investment and acquire budget to protect the Sphere and our firms from the uncertainties that could affect the future of the Sphere. By investing in tools and personnel, and being transparent with regard to how Kayndrexshere protects data, the Sphere can actually bolster credibility and trust amongst prospects, existing investors and members. 

Evidence is a key component of communicating cyber security ROI, but what is most important is applying the right proof points and quantifying specific uncertainties and overall probabilities for Kayndrexsphere. Instead of applying general statistics of overall probabilities, our security leaders can apply security tools to calculate the potential exposure of the Sphere itself based on organisational data. Applying data that is more specific to the firm will make the probability more tangible and the need for a solution more urgent.  

Cyber Security Culture  

Policies and procedures that ensure good security habits can be seen as an advantage to personnel productivity. These strategies assist everyone, irrespective of department of level of authority, comprehend the uncertainties and responsibilities regarding security, and how each personnel play a vital role.  

One major benefit of a positive security culture is that it creates in-house motivators who can demonstrate the value of cybersecurity. It will also empower security-aware personnel to become the Sphere’s greatest cyber security asset. Getting personnel invested in security contributes to overall data protection and cybersecurity objectives. 

Ultimately, communicating the value of cybersecurity depends on translating cyber uncertainty into sphere uncertainty, and making security a guiding principle for Kayndrexsphere. With possibilities and proposals related to remote operation becoming the new normal for Kayndrexsphere, it is vital that we engage all personnel in shared cyber security awareness.