One of the ways to accelerate digital transformation is through a realistic technology strategy. As technology evolves, enterprises need to refresh their strategies and establish a technology centre of excellence. At Kayndrexsphere, we cocreate a technology centre of excellence for our investors. We create a high ROI implementation plan with a multi-parameter-based prioritisation approach and provide the necessary support to create a centre of excellence. 

A Technology Centre of Excellence at the core 

At the core of the strategy rests the study of objectives and success criteria – defining the metrics, measuring the value realised, identifying the right candidates for technology, and creating compelling sphere situations.  

Governance Structure 

A good governance structure is focused on ensuring sponsorship, defining roles and responsibilities, establishing a clear roadmap to scale depending on the technology goals, and creating a change management process at an organisational level.  

Operating Model 

Depending on the firm size and setup, there are varying types of operating models including centralised and blended models. The technology strategy assists define the right operating model for Kayndrexsphere. 

People Skills 

It is important to build the core technology team with the right skillsets, set up project management teams, have functional support, technology stakeholder ownership, and identify subcontracting requirements and setup.  

Process Management Skills 

Key activities include opportunity identification and prioritisation, technology development and support, creating design methodologies for the optimum build based on best operating standards, templates and guidelines, and setting up managed facilities.  


At Kayndrexsphere, it is imperative to select the right technologies that suit the varying Sphere needs and processes. Process discovery technologies are a great way to determine the scope of technology required for Kayndrexsphere. These technologies assist to capture the processes as they stand with no bias, then determine the technology strategy that functions best for Kayndrexsphere. This lowers the commercialisation time and dependencies on firms for process evaluation.  

Success Factors

To arrive at an optimum technology strategy, it is important to look at factors that can determine the success of results. 

  • Scale of operations 
  • Functional technology 
  • Types of processes 

Technology Facilities 

  1. Business process re-engineering: Industrial design and development to improve quality, innovation, and productivity. 
  1. Automated Enterprise: automating rule-based activities in processes that involve a high-level interaction between software and humans. 
  1. Cognitive technology: Machine-led digitisation techniques for data extraction from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured sources.  
  1. Interaction technology: Preprogramed, self-learning interactions and systemic responses towards enhancing investor experiences.