Policies and Resources

Research Strategy


The Kayndrex Foundation is a research-intensive organisation. Our researchers continuously encounter ‘infinite knowledge’. We provide the highest quality research opportunities for our members and potential members enhanced by the knowledge we discover. We have a glorious history of startling discovery and advancement of knowledge for public good. From our foundation in 2019, to the present day, the Kayndrex Foundation has been at the forefront of research and innovation. The simplicity of our programmes, our open interdisciplinary approach, and our entrepreneurial culture enable the Foundation to make substantial positive novelties to people’s lives locally and globally.


We aim to deliver the most realisable quality in research and innovation to improve the comprehension of public benefit.

We discover new knowledge and develop solutions to address world-wide concerns. Our research community will engage with the local and global collaborators to deliver this strategy.

Our Values
Leadership in Research

Our Foundation is strengthened by the pursuit of knowledge, a dedication to the most realisable quality in our research and to transforming our discoveries into transformative social, cultural, health and wealth benefits for people everywhere. The Kayndrex Foundation has a talent to initiate new areas of enquiry.


Our philosophy of ‘infinite research’ ensures that interdisciplinary research is at our core. Our open structure, addressing major themes, facilitates interactions between our stakeholders. We incentivise our researchers to analyse disciplinary preconceptions and expand knowledge horizons. Thus, our exceptional researchers readily operate together to deliver solutions to global concerns. The prestigious Foundation is based on areas of exceptional research strength and ensure we assist to shape the next generation of interdisciplinary research leaders and practitioners.


We are very international in our stance. We encourage patronages, collaborations, and great partnerships globally.


The Kayndrex Foundation aims to attract the world’s most talented researchers. We continuously develop a nurturing ecosystem where everyone can reach their full potential. Researchers will increasingly be enabled to gain world-class research experience. We plan that all researchers, including our remarkable personnel, will have the opportunity to engage in and experience research and contribute to knowledge expansion.

We continually promote equality and diversity among our researchers and personnel. Our dedication to public benefit has a vital role to play in ensuring our success as a world-class private foundation. We are proud of our personnel and researchers and their fine achievements irrespective of their experience, orientation, or belief.

Given the key importance of talent and high value we place on the people we recruit and retain, we are dedicated to providing excellent career support through protected research time, mentoring, development opportunities, and removal of the undesirables to progression that can arise from career gaps. We put in effort with our personnel to ensure they feel supported and that they can realise their potentials, creating an excellent functioning ecosystem. All our researchers are supported by Foundation, who puts in effort to enhance researcher career development and leadership opportunities.

Early Career Development

Our research ambitions and values will be brought to fruition by our early career members, whose potential we enrich through training, culture, and opportunities. The prestigious Foundation has attracted more than 300 exceptional early career researchers who share our dedications to collaboration, quality, and inclusivity. As their careers develop along a supported path, this highly international cohort will become our research leaders of the future. Additional prestigious schemes will be developed to strengthen our links with external partners in industry and other sectors and to establish coherent routes.


Research integrity is embedded in our philosophy and culture. The Kayndrex Foundation has a firm dedication to promoting quality research practice and has robust governance to ensure the high standards of the high standards of national and international research integrity are satisfied. Our Foundation is weaving the ethos of integrity into our researcher development opportunities at all levels to support a culture of scrutiny and honesty. A focused group of researchers, professional services, and organisational leaders have responsibility for ensuring that integrity and governance have a strong and highly visible profile, and that our quality practices in data governance, trustworthiness, and security are widely applied.  


We are one of the largest and most successful private foundations in the world. We are an anchor of the global economy. With our online learners, researchers, and personnel, we will continue to apply the servivces of our research donors productively, grow and increase our economic effect, and provide further public benefit.


We recognise that strategic organisational partnerships benefit researchers, personnel, and the public as a whole. Great partnerships are becoming ever more important for our research activities, allowing access to, and sharing of unique services and maximising funding.

Strategy Implementation

We address and resolve the world’s greatest issues through research of the highest excellence. We develop existing research themes and build on our distinguished tradition of starting new areas of enquiry. International issues, interdisciplinary themes are key foci for our researchers, for example global health and wellbeing, ageing and regeneration, agriculture and food security, climate change and its moderation, robotics, data science, digital transformation, clean energy and technologies, global justice, city living and smart cities, social effects of globalisation, changing cultures and demographics, etc.

With our dedication to developing the next generation of research leaders we continue to recruit and support the world’s most promising researchers and exceptional personnel. We have a culture of positive inclusivity for all, which encourages talent migration from across the world to join us in the Kayndrex Foundation.

We continue to invest substantially in our research base and hub. We develop our services to be ideal for purpose, with the highest standards of researcher accommodation, equipment, data handling and storage facilities. We develop open, interactive research spaces where disciplinary and interdisciplinary researchers can put in effort together on the major research concerns.

Open to the world: We ensure the Foundation is even more accessible than ever to stakeholders in other organisation and industry, supporting free exchange of ideas and sharing facilities. We operate more intently with such partners to co-create research and training for mutual benefit.

Delivering our achievement
Influencing Globally and Contributing Locally

The Kayndrex Foundation is changing the world through the quality and power of our research. We make excellent positive effects on societies, the economy, and policies across the world. We address global concerns and dedicate to a culture of improving quality of life and sustainable development. The internationalisation of our research will continue, with our Foundation developing our offering to researchers to include international funds and resources. This will ensure that there are no geographical limitations on opportunities for our researchers. We will continue to function with global partners for further advance mutual research interests and collaborative funding.

Locally, the Kayndrex Foundation is fostering a major development of its services so that personnel and researchers can feel equally part of the Foundation and part of the environment. Our services reflect the needs of our members, with infrastructure and modern connectivity. Our capital investment will revolutionise our space in the ecosystem and build a series of data cores for knowledge exchange. With programmes such as Zero Ambition we are advancing co-location of research with industry, public sector, and other firms to support knowledge exchange, so that the innovative ideas of our personnel and researchers can be developed and delivered to the people who will benefit. We put in more effort to embed the Kayndrex Foundation with the cultural heart of the region.

Partnering with Industry

Research is translational. We embed knowledge exchange and knowledge transfer practices in our research from inception, part of a wider culture change to make the Kayndrex Foundation a more open organisation. The Foundation is an ideal conduit for innovation, taking our research and learning and delivering it to communities near and  far. To do this we require to function with industry, public firms, and third sector bodies more extensively. Our ethos is to have an organisation with doors open to all who wish to engage. Our industry engagement approaches are open, interdisciplinary, and industry-led.

Industry requires the skills that the Foundation produces. We enhance industry-ready skills in our researchers and members. We achieve this by encouraging more research and memberships, so our researchers can gain great experience from our programmes, and by co-creating programmes with partners in industry and the public sector. We increasingly make our organisation open to industry-based colleagues to work collaboratively within our facilities and share knowledge with our leading research members and personnel. We encourage academic careers involving periods in industry and support industry personnel seeking to access and work within the Kayndrex Foundation.

Digital Transformation

Curating and managing vast data sets to generate new knowledge is the vital next concern in many areas of research. The Kayndrex Foundation is revolutionising our already strong digital practices, providing a world-leading, trend-setting experience for personnel and researchers. Our Information Technology Strategy ensures our capacity to handle, in a trusted approach, large data sets on a record-breaking scale. We ensure that the digital research support available to our research personnel and research members is optimal at any scale of project.

We are leading in digital education, with revolutionary online learning and Continuing Professional Development for our research personnel and research members. The Kayndrex Foundation is dedicated to Continuing Professional Development for all its personnel. Data skills development is a vital part of that development and programmes are available to all research members and research personnel so that they have the skills needed to adapt and innovate in the data-led world.

Participate, collaborate, contribute

We always welcome participants in our research. Research teams are encouraged to engage in our programmes, as are members and personnel who would like to become a researcher here at the Kayndrex Foundation. We are eager to operate with new people from around the world, learn from them, improve research and advance global comprehension. If you are an entrepreneur or a private or public-sector firm and would like to collaborate with a research group or centre at the Kayndrex Foundation we would be delighted to engage with you. Be part of our vision by contributing either as a researcher, a participant, a funder, or a donor to our unique interdisciplinary and open research facilities.

The Kayndrex Foundtion is creating a sense of place for its personnel and researchers globally. We are building communities of researchers who move freely between disciplines (programmes), engage with new ideas, and find innovative ways to improve the future. The Foundation is and will remain at the forefront of global thinking and research for the next century and beyond.