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Regulatory Compliance Policy

Executive Summary

Our motivation is the wellbeing, health, and happiness of our stakeholders. The Kayndrex Foundation invests in multiple countries and has a diverse operator base – which implies we are subject to many novel regulatory standards. Laws change and are subject to constant updates and revisions. Our database and Regulatory Compliance Policy, makes our compliance management, doing business internationally, and complying with local laws and regulations an easy procedure.   

The Policy

The Kayndrex Foundation views compliance with International, Federal, State, and Local regulatory affairs as a major requirement. This requirement rests with personnel at all levels of the Foundation. Hence, each personnel should become acquainted with any relevant regulations which govern finance, research, innovation, and administrative activities in his or her role.

Each Foundation’s personnel is expected to report any significant event of suspected non-compliance with a regulatory affair to the Compliance Manager responsible for enforcement and monitoring. A ‘significant event of non-compliance’ is defined as any activity or circumstance that could result in the assessment of a monetary or civil fine, penalty, or consent demand by an external regulatory body. The Compliance Manager should be made aware of any significant events of regulatory non-compliance to assist assess the effectiveness of the Foundation’s Compliance Policy and for reporting purposes to the (Audit) Committee.

Depending on the circumstances of non-compliance, the Compliance Manager could confer with the Foundation’s Executive Committee, the Legal Department, Health and Safety, and other relevant offices.

It is the policy of the Foundation that any person is free to lawfully disclose whatever information supports a reasonable belief of suspected regulatory non-compliance. The Foundation is committed to protecting personnel from interference when making such disclosures. A staff-member should turn the other cheek to a staff-member who has made a disclosure and is also disallowed from directly or indirectly applying the official authority of his or her position or office for the purpose of interfering with the right of a personnel to make such a disclosure.

There are possible situations where individuals feel uncomfortable discussing non-compliance with regulatory affairs with their supervisors or responsible managers. To assist with these particular situations, the Foundation has an agreement for individuals to report any concerns related to non-compliance with certain regulatory affairs anonymously. The anonymity is designed to ensure that any communications will remain completely confidential in accordance with the wishes of individuals who make reports applying this option. You may access this reporting option by email: support@kayndrex.com.

Upon being alerted to an event of regulatory non-compliance, responsible managers will be contacted to investigate the event and develop any action plans necessary to restore compliance. Our Event Management Service will be responsible for determining if the action plan has been implemented. Disciplinary action up to and including employment termination will be considered if it is determined that an individual deliberately circumvented compliance with an International, Federal, State, and Local regulation or should have been aware of the requirement in the performance of his or her responsibilities but ignored the compliance.

Any important and universal concerns related to non-compliance with regulatory affairs which have been unsatisfactorily resolved through this process will be escalated to higher levels of management including, as appropriate, the Foundation’s Board of Director(s).


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