Careers and development

It is important to find a mode that delivers beneficial career development. Our Careers and Development Process is a new resource for employment seekers that enables the management of personal development and career aspirations through relevant and practical information, guides, and resources. Our Careers and Development Process will assist employment seekers to identify their strengths and development areas, indicating appropriate development opportunities and resources and in doing so, giving them the best chance of success.

We are interested to support our staff to access the latest learning and development opportunities. The Career and Development Process is unique in that it contains careers resources developed by Kayndrexsphere specifically for our holding community and it houses career development content handpicked to fulfil the needs of employees.

Our staff could have started to build processes along their career path but would benefit from support to take the next steps. Everyone’s ambition is novel, and their career goal could be to be more effective in the role they have, to explore opportunities for promotion, to move into leadership and management, or to realise entrepreneurial ambition. Once an employee has built confidence our Career Development Team can assist.

Your can view our Career Development Resources here by clicking on the individual webpages – we are currently updating this, as our portfolio continues to grow, and new resources are added.

Our resources are free of charge for our personnel.

Career Development Resources

Careers and Development Roles

  • Media Manager
  • Admin Support Volunteer
  • Graphic Designer