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Infrastructure Assets and Solutions Strategy 


Our Infrastructure Assets and Solutions Strategy is being updated to reflect our dedication to regularly review and improve all our Infrastructure assets and solutions documentation. Emerging best practice is evident in the areas of competency, infrastructure assets and solutions, and life cycle pricing analysis. We continue to put in effort on improving our infrastructure information, our approaches to sustainable development and adapting to climate change, and furthering the analysis to move towards remove, predict, and prevent maintenance routine. Embedding the progress and creating an infrastructure assets and solutions focused culture is vital, if we are to continue to realise further benefits.   


This Infrastructure Assets and Solutions Strategy defines the key principles and requirements which we apply to infrastructure. Through this we ensure that the infrastructures are delivered in a way that contributes towards a better public by delivering the results expected safely, sustainably, and efficiently. 

Good practice alignment 

This document has been developed based on good practice guidance from internationally recognised sources.  


Our decision making always considers whole system and lifecycle prices and is subject to continual refinement from our experience. We recognise that improvements from infrastructure assets and solutions arise through long term concerted effort.  

Our aim is to fulfil our responsibilities in a way that is demonstrably world class, with capabilities appropriately matched with the needs of ourselves and our industry partners. This strategy defines how we will develop our overall approach to infrastructure assets and solutions.  

To support the wider purpose, role, and vision, the Kayndrex Foundation has also published a transformational plan. These are organisational characteristics designed to assist the transformation of the Foundation into a private sector firm that behaves like a public sector body. To achieve this aim, infrastructure assets and solutions need to support this transformation to make sure we as an organisation: 

  • Achieve an unrelenting stakeholder focus 
  • Ensure we are cost effective and efficient 
  • Instil a culture that embraces diversity, continuous improvement, efficiency, and safety 
  • Find solutions to the biggest issuess facing the science, technology, and engineering sectors such as ‘the incapacity to fulfil growing modern infrastructure demand’. 
Infrastructure Assets and Solutions Strategy statements 

This Infrastructure Assets and Solutions Strategy is based on a set of strategy statements aligned to corporate objectives that reflect the Foundation’s role, purpose, and vision; 

  1. We will improve and update safety and security procedures to stakeholders, the public, and our personnel.  
  1. Activity in the Foundation will be done in compliance with relevant legislative and statutory requirements. 
  1. The management of infrastructure related risk will be performed in accordance with corporate risk management policy; and regulated through the Foundation’s standards and vital rules.  
  1. Infrastructures, systems, and programmes will be managed in accordance with sustainable development principles including due consideration of long-term financial, societal, and environmental effects. 
  1. The infrastructure assets and solutions approach will be supported by the Foundation’s Technology Strategy.  
  1. The infrastructure assets and solutions approach will be appropriate to the scale and relative importance of the infrastructure and infrastructure systems to achieving the overall organisational objectives. 
  1. We will proactively seek structured continuous improvement of our infrastructure assets and solutions capabilities and activities, and assure value for money for investors and stakeholders. 
Infrastructure Assets and Solutions Principles 

To deliver these strategy statements, the Foundation applies an infrastructure assets and solutions system approach, consistent with the subsequent principles.  

  1. We ensure that the safe continued development of all infrastructures is paramount in any decision-making process, and that all infrastructure is developed in a safe way. 
  1. We develop infrastructure assets and solutions in a consistent way putting in effort to align organisational and functional approaches to develop a truly integrated approach with a clear ‘Line of Sight’ linking activities to organisational objectives. 
  1. We develop our assets in a systematic way and one which is in line with the approved infrastructure assets and solutions system.  
  1. We strike the appropriate balance between stakeholder expectations regarding system reliability, risk, and cost which is determined reflecting reasonable requirements of operators including regulated results listed in our plans and other dedications. All vital infrastructures are risk assessed, and records are kept up to date. Additionally, any risks to operations and maintenance plans introduced as a consequence of other interventions efforts are assessed, and managed appropriately. 
  1. We develop technology, tools, and methods to support fact-based whole life cycle decisions on maintaining, renewing, and enhancing the infrastructure and improving our capability for predicting and preventing unsuccessfulness. These tools include forecasts of the results that are expected as a result of the decisions, including documenting all assumptions made and benefits anticipated. 
  1. We balance the exchange between efficiency of effort through longer possessions with access to the system for the delivery of the timetable. 
  1. We create an environment where our infrastructure assets and solutions teams are motivated, fostered by investor needs, and proud of their effort; this is supported by investment to professionalise our competency in infrastructure assets and solutions. 
  1. We develop the infrastructure assets and solutions capabilities of the firm and our supply chain to an appropriate level of maturity, so as to deliver efficient results for stakeholders including a dedication to share best practice, on minutest first price solutions.  
  1. We perform benchmarking to establish best practice and adopt relevant findings through our Infrastructure Assets and Solutions System. 
  1. We provide an annual statement of the results delivered through our infrastructure assets and solutions, and how these relate to sustainable development. 
  1. We define and have plans in place to detail and record the most appropriate approach to infrastructure maintenance, inspection, and renewal, supported by reliability, availability, maintainability and safety requirements. 
  1. We define resilience requirements as a specified range of climate conditions, taking account of emerging knowledge of climate change.  
  1. We align all infrastructure assets and solutions interventions to the principles defined above for all developed or in development infrastructures. 

Communication to relevant internal and external stakeholders, service providers, and other relevant parties who require knowledge of the Infrastructure Assets and Solutions Strategy is via the following mechanisms: 

  • Available to external stakeholders by inclusion on the Foundation’s public site, 
  • Available to our staff through the Foundation’s intranet,  
  • Referenced and applied as part of infrastructure assets and solutions training and development programmes. 

The overall Infrastructure Assest and Solutions Strategy is defined and regulated by the Foundation. The Foundation provides guidance on the mechanisms, responsibilities, and accountabilities for how this policy will be implemented. It also leads on any review process, which will be performed in line with established organisational protocols.  

Measurement of infrastructure assets and solutions capability 

We continue to measure our corporate infrastructure assets and solutions capability through the application of recognised organisational excellence models. This includes wider benchmarking effort with leading industries and sector organisations across the world. 

Furthermore, as part of our dedication to achieving our corporate infrastructure assets and solutions, and wider business aims, we apply in-house expertise to assess performance. To build improvement plans and frame any structured continual improvement initiatives, the Foundation’s performance management strategy is applied to derive learning and to ensure consistency of future approach. 

We develop and maintain all documents required to operate our Infrastructure Assets and Solutions System adopting standard terminology and definitions. The System is applied to: 

  • Document the processes by which our infrastructure assets and solutions responsibilities are delivered.  
  • Identify key roles and accountabilities.
  • Identify the mandated infrastructure assets and solutions competences required for these roles and seek to ensure that our teams attain these capability requirements.  
  • Identify compliance with recognised infrastructure assets and solutions standards. 
Continuous review and improvement 

The Safety, Technical, and Engineering Director will arrange for the Infrastructure Assets and Solutions Strategy to be reviewed with he Foundation’s Executive Committee bi-annually, or when the committee identifies a need to do so.  

Each review will include due consideration of: 

  • Alignment with the vision, strategic business plan, wider policies, and the risk management strategy. 
  • Compliance of Infrastructure Policies with all relevant regulations, laws, and accepted best practice. 
  • The ‘Line of Sight’ created by the Infrastructure Assets and Solutions Strategy, verified through appropriate assurance review. 
  • Opportunities for improvements in format, communication, and implementation of the Infrastructure Assets and Solutions Strategy itself. 
  • The rate of progress achieved towards our goal to provide a benchmark for assessing infrastructure assets and solutions. 
  • Opportunities for continual improvement within the Infrastructure Assets and Solutions System. 
  • Alignment with established best practice guidelines.