Policies and Resources


The Foundation’s Cyber Policy exist to provide exceptional Cyber Security and Privacy solutions to our stakeholders and their assets. Our stakeholders need and deserve exemplary cyber defence solutionsfacility in this ever-changing digital world, and we are dedicated to making sure they receive it.

The senior management team bring skills honed and developed at the highest levels of the Foundation’s governance and a wide range of industry sectors covering Education, Energy, Finance, Transport, Government, and Maritime.

Ultimate Defence Solutions
  • Protection and privacy of data and information of the Kayndrex Foundation and its members from unauthorised access, along with secure removal of private data where necessary.
  • Private, secure private web for members with options for full encryption of all data coupled with mobile voice and chat encryption capabilities where required.
  • Monitoring of internal systems for unauthorised changes or access to servers, computer units, operators, groups, shares, and mailboxes.
  • Security systems integration – Our experience enables us to integrate with, rather than replace, any existing systems where necessary.
  • Secure data ensures all personal and private information is stored, controlled, monitored, accessed, and removed correctly. Adhering to current and new Data Protection Regulations.
  • Real time monitoring and scanning of all data applying advanced machine learning tools.
  • Advanced Firewall solutions – We offer complete application and data management along with superior interruption prevention, file analysis, and bespoke cyber defence systems’ provided capabilities, with excellent system performance.
  • Continued scanning of internal systems  – Constant scanning for known risks and responsibilities, along with regular, automated patching of servers and computer units.
Our Approach

In today’s digital world, data is a very valuable commodity. The more personal, private, or sensitive the data, the more valuable it is and – like any valuable – it needs protecting. 

We apply a 3-stage process to ensure private data stays private: Prepare, Predict, Prevent.  This process is proven to identify and prevent the 3 biggest causes of unauthorised data acquisition: Unauthorised Access, System Security and Bug Management.

We provide ultimate, best in class privacy and cyber security solutions to our stakeholders including businesses, government, financial institutions, and investors.


We ensure personal, sensitive data is as secure as it can be, irrespective of where it is stored. Sensitive emails are securely sent and resilient to interception. We ensure phone and online chat conversations are secure and private. Finally, we ensure current systems and protection are fit for purpose and adhere to current and future data protection regulations.


Predicting with 100% certainty that an event is going to occur is impractical.  That said, our cyber defence systems have a comprehensive Alerting, Recording, and Monitoring (ARM) solution, our stakeholders and operators can be informed of unusual behaviours and activity on their interface allowing us to ‘Predict’ the source and prevent their next move before it becomes an event.


Ensuring any existing systems are operational and configured correctly, providing the services they should and be fit for purpose is of paramount importance. Simply, installing a service and reviewing, monitoring, or updating it regularly, introduces and allows an essential level of progress.

New activities and responsibilities are released daily. If our scope and internal managements are reviewed regularly and systems are up to date, we would be securing our privacy and data.

Our cyber defence systems can take care of the entire process providing the correct advice, processes, solution selection, and risk mitigation to ensure your ultimate security and privacy.