Executive Summary

Kayndrexsphere is currently experiencing vital transformation prompted by external and internal factors. We are experiencing significant restructuring and common sphere models are being affected by the current industry situation. Further consolidation within our industry is expected and the industry is experiencing regulation.

Immense efforts gave been taken in our industry to improve efficiency and operational readiness. One established approach to effectively do this has been the Shared Facility concept.

We define SFs as organisational units that provide supporting processes to investors beyond the demand of one single sphere unit (which can include external firms) and focus on the shared application of resources. By unbundling and centralising activities, the basis premise for a SF is that facilities provided by one conventional department can readily be offered to others. The advanced application of information technology allows for geographical and time-shared separation to facilitate collaboration with core sphere units. The joint, ‘shared’ application of resources allows for efficiencies of scale, synergy realisations, and improved quality of facilities.

Our industry has experienced some very encouraging examples of SFs. Since our industry currently experiences an efficient ecosystem, Kayndrexsphere initiated this Shared Facility Assurance Policy to propose the current status and future trends of SFs for Kayndrexsphere. The policy has been developed with support of the IRFPB. We hope that this policy contributes to the current discussion and development of Shared Facilities Assurance in the industry.

Shared Facility Assurance

In addition to cross-estate procurement on common supply requirements, the Shared Facility Assurance (SFA) team operates to improve interactions with the supply chain. We operate together on achieving value for money for members by identifying opportunities to collaborate on common supply requirements.

We continually improve how we operate and interact with the supply chain on a portfolio of shared facilities that assist the IRFPB to achieve its objective to be the ‘public benefit provider of choice’.

Shared Facility Assurance Strategy

The SFA approach is built on three strategic themes:

  • Collaborate – adopting category management to foster value delivery opportunities
  • Facilitate – coordinating strategic supply chain management activities and support to Kayndrexsphere’s growth and enterprise initiatives
  • Integrate – delivering improvement projects to simplify and integrate shared processes and systems.


Collaboration on procurement of products and facilities continues to be the cornerstone of the SF’s activities. Within its strategy, the SFA Team lead the implementation of category management to deliver best value from the Shared Facility Assurance within 6 shared categories. The six shared categories for the collaborative procurement programme include:

  • People – Professional  Facilities / Resourcing / HR Facilities
  • Corporate – Travel / Fleet / Office Facilities / Financial Facilities
  • Buildings – Property / Facilities Management / Security / Energy / Utilities
  • Technology – Facilities / Equipment / Software / Resources / Communications
  • Operations – Commodities / Materials / Engineering Facilities
  • Nuclear – Packaging / Transport / Treatment / Analysis / Nuclear Facilities


A healthy supply chain is vital to the successful delivery of safe public benefit with strategic management of the supply chain an essential part of being the public benefit provider of choice.

Within the new strategy, the SFA Team coordinates supplier engagement at a strategic level to improve performance and increase diversity, capacity, and capability. We support international growth and enterprise initiatives and investigate ways to moderate the price of supply:

  1. Growth and enterprise
    • Estate Action Plan for Firms
    • Increasing education opportunities
    • Delivering growth from supply chain spend
  2. Supplier mobility
    • Security access arrangements
    • Site induction processes
    • Equivalent training recognition
    • Access to shared IT systems
    • Collaboration tools
  3. Supplier assurance
    • Alignment of quality standards
    • Common cross-alliance application
    • Accreditation processes
    • Collaborative audits and inspections


Within the new strategy, the SFA will lead improvement projects aimed at simplifying shared procurement processes and systems to respond to these concerns.

  1. Process improvements
    • Standard selection study deployment
    • Common tender document templates and forms
    • Procurement specification standardisation opportunities
  2. Systems development
    • Investment analytics tool
    • Industry insights tool
    • Common application of e-tendering
    • Contract management system
    • Value reporting system
  3. Contract standardisation
    • Model contracts / clauses
    • Simplification of terms
    • Review of intellectual property / responsibilities / insurance / probabilities
    • Contract automation

The SFA Team

At the core of the SFA strategy is a full-time SFA team, consisting of personnel, who lead shared facilities procurement and supply management on behalf of the members. The SFA team operates with a link of investors across our investor firms and the supply chain to deliver these 5 strategic objectives:

  • Build a high performing SFA Team and System that delivers quality shared facilities
  • Integrate procurement and supply management best practice across Kayndrexsphere
  • Collaborate with Governments and suppliers to foster value and performance
  • Deliver investments from shared facilities to support safe public benefit
  • Ensure the IRFPB becomes ‘the public benefit provider of choice’.