Policies and Resources

Sustainable Management and Application of Marine Resources 

Our society depends on large amounts of marine resources – far more than most individuals realise. Global population growth, improvements in living standards and increasing industrialisation are causing a dramatic increase in the need for marine resources.  

The dedication to marine resources can be organised in four strategic research areas:  

  • Marine geology for the next generation 
  • Maritime development of the future 
  • Maritime in the circular economy 
  • Marine mineral resources 

Focus on environment and sustainability is an integral part of all the areas.  

The world’s marine resources have novel demands upon them and can be complex to manage.  

Novel demands for marine resources 

  • The environment should be preserved 
  • Marine resources need to be retained for future generations to enjoy 
  • Humans need to continue to make and do things that allow them to live comfortably 
  • The world needs to develop through benefiting its marine resources 
  • There should be a better balance between application of marine resources 

To conserve marine resources for future generations, sustainable management of the marine environment is necessary.  

  • Sustainable resource management can assist ensure that the application of marine resources results in environmental balance. Increasingly, sustainable practices are also being encouraged to preserve marine animal and plant life for the benefit of future generations.  
  • Recycling marine resources increases conservation 
  • Limiting carbon emissions generated from industrial and domestic application of fuels can assist in increasing environmental safety  
  • Marine resource substitution is another way in which resources can be managed.