Policies and Resources

Administrative Management

The Kayndrex Foundation’s Administrative Management refers to a process whereby information is stored, analysed, and distributed among our members to ensure smooth operations. Additionally, it entails the handling and coordination of certain aspects and the individuals involved, allowing us to manage and support operations within the foundation.

Our Administrative Management requires the managers to employ their attention to detail and high analytical skills to oversee and run the operations on a daily basis. Our Administrative Management keeps up with the developments within the foundation and creates capacity systems that adhere to new subjects as they arise.

Our Administrative Management delivers a customisable and tailored experience designed to fulfil the unique needs of our organisation. It is optimised around the responsibilities and data that is required to interact every day. It surfaces pressing data and recommends the next action that provides the best possible experience for our organisation. Our Administrative Management also can be seen as managing information through our organisation.

The aim of the administrative function is to manage the information needs of the Kayndrex so that timely, relevant, and accurate information can be given to managers at all the novel levels, so enabling them to make relevant decisions.

Through its interaction with the personnel, our Administrative Management process plans, monitors, and evaluates the accomplished results, applying that information to improve the foundation in accordance with the industry needs and evaluation.

Contact the foundation’s Administrative Management by email: support@kayndrex.com.

Alternatively, contact us directly via our contact page.