Policies and Resources

Health and Safety Policy

Through the way we operate and behave, all our stakeholders are safe from risks of professional insecurity or illness. It is our intention to establish a constant and resolute dedication to advancing health and safety at the Kayndrex Foundation. We guarantee the health and safety of all our personnel and any other persons who could be impacted by our employment endeavours. We comply with the requirements of health and safety guidelines.

We lead industry by promoting best practice. This policy reflects our dedication to ensuring that health and safety at employment role is paramount to the sphere, and that effective health and safety actively contributes to our success.


All our personnel have an awareness and comprehension of health and safety vulnerabilities and risks that affect our foundation.

 1.1 Health and Safety Policy statement

Adequate resources is provided to ensure all our personnel and stakeholders are aware of this policy and dedicated to its effective implementation.

1.2 Communication and consultation

There is active open communication and consultation between all our personnel and stakeholders . Health and safety is integrated into our communications, wherever appropriate.

1.3 Management roles and responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities for health and safety are defined, as necessary, within job descriptions or profiles.

Senior management ensures that:

  • adequate resources are provided for health and safety;
  • health and safety is adequately assessed, organised, and monitored; and
  • our personnel are actively involved on concerns that affect health and safety.
1.4 Vulnerability identification

We identify our centre of operations health and safety vulnerabilities. We inform our personnel and stakeholders as appropriate, of these centre of operations vulnerabilities. We require our partners, members, stakeholders, and investors to identify health and safety vulnerabilities that could affect our employment activities.


All our personnel and stakeholders have the competence to accept their operation with modicum risks to health and safety.

2.1 Health and safety training

All our personnel are adequately instructed and trained on the health and safety concerns that affect them, and the safe industry practices that should be followed. We also ensure the health and safety competence of our stakeholders.

2.2 Behaviour and culture

Senior management demonstrates leadership in health and safety. Senior management also accepts tours to ensure that health and safety concerns are identified, assessed, and managed. Systems are in place and perosnnel and other stakeholders are empowered to raise health and safety concerns with management.

2.3 Risk assessment and management

We assess the risks associated with health and safety in the centre of operations. All our personnel are informed of the health and safety vulnerabilities and risks that affect their employment. We take action to limit, moderate, or manage risks to an acceptable level and moderate the potential for events and coincidences.


Our employment activities achieve compliance with code, and our personnel are empowered to take action to moderate health and safety risks.

3.1 Incident investigation

We report and investigate coincidences, events, and near misses to foster improvement in our health and safety management. Any lessons learned from such events are applied to take corrective action to limit recurrences.

3.2 Measuring performance

We actively and openly, review and report on our health and safety performance alongside published objectives and targets. Improvement plans are developed to support the delivery of these objectives and targets.

3.3 Health and safety management system

We implement management systems to ensure we:

  • comply with health and safety code and
  • continually improve our health and safety performance.
3.4 Partner improvement

We engage and collaborate with our partners to ensure their:

  • health and safety capability and competence fulfil our expectations;
  • health and safety performance is monitored and reviewed; and
  • employment activities have marginal health and safety effects on our endeavours.


The foundation is recognised for excellence in the way it manages health and safety.

4.1 Developing innovative practices

We constantly encourage, develop, review, and share ‘health and safety good practice’ both internally and externally.

4.2 Influencing Stakeholders

We only operate with stakeholders who are willing to fulfil and achieve our health and safety expectations. We engage and influence stakeholders to foster improvements in health and safety.

4.3 Employment related health

We assess our occupational health risks. All our personnel are informed that occupational health risks could affect their employment. We take action to limit, moderate, or manage occupational health risks to an acceptable level and moderate the potential for illness, including assessing all our personnel fitness for employment. We conduct health surveillance to satisfy health and safety code.

Delivering our policy

Our policy is delivered by:

  • generating a culture that limits risks to health and safety; and
  • ensuring the real involvement of all our personnel stakeholders.

We also implement management statements that explain how this policy is delivered in the centre of operations.

Policy review

This policy will be reviewed and amended, as necessary.