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Internationalisation Policy

In today’s age of international knowledge and technology, an interconnected structure and global awareness are increasingly viewed as major and sought-after assets. Fast growing forms of internationalisation are emerging and suggest a more far-reaching approach, especially where the Kayndrex Foundation is now seen as an integral part of the global knowledge economy.

Innovation strategies increasingly depend on global sourcing to sense new infrastructure, science, and technology trends worldwide. This has become our major reason for locating international R&D.

The internationalisation of the foundation is part of the broader process of internationalisation of innovation. Overall, the foundation’s internationalisation of R&D promises substantial benefits: a more price-efficient innovation process, better ability to learn of R&D conducted by other firms/institutions, a quicker road to commercialisation, and a positive effect on our innovation capacity.

The key elements for action include:

  • Excellent structure conditions.
  • An excellent innovation system based on local strengths.
  • Stronger international relationships.
  • Policy coherency.

Turning the internationalisation of the foundation into a global win-win situation will require a stronger policy focus on:

  • Encouraging technology circulation and technology connection.
  • Embedding internal and external foreign direct investment in R&D in the local environment and thus fostering internal and external spill overs.
  • Enhancing the application of home-based knowledge in developing countries in response to global proposals and development objectives.
  • Strengthening the relevance of international collaboration by focusing on thematic priorities in fields of public benefit.