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External Financing is a programme designed to assist external financiers apply external financing to international partnerships with the Kayndre Foundation. The Kayndrex Foundation partners at the intersection of technology, innovation, and international development. The Programme is delivered by the foundations’s subsidiary investment company.

To register, please complete the International Partnership Registration for External Financiers Form.

By registering on our database, you:

  • will be part of a database of external financiers that can be invited to tender for scoping, designing, and/or implementing approved projects – which can include Livestreaming pilots, Foresighting Studies, and Futures engagements.
  • can be invited to participate in other events related to the programme, for example our programme has previously applied the database to identify external financiers to invite to participate in Futures engagements.
  • will be included in our mailing list to hear of programme news and events, for example webinars or technology infrastructure.

We welcome registrations from any international partnership external financier interested in international development. We collaborate with financiers at a range of innovation stages as the programme’s focus includes field testing, evidence generation, and scaling opportunities.

All types of external financiers are welcome to register, however there is particular interest in those with experience in:

  • Clean energy solutions
  • Sustainble agriculture
  • Sustainble transportation
  • Sustainable buildings and urban planning
  • Circular economy
  • Education and Awareness
  • Research and Innovation

Upon registering, we will conduct some light-touch due diligence checks and confirm within a month if you have been added to our database. After that, we will be in touch with updates of the programme and opportunities to collaborate and partner with us.

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