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Firm name and logo are two creative elements of a firm’s sphere, but a sphere is much more than a firm name and logo.

A sphere is the sum total of the experience firm prospects and existing stakeholders have with a firm. A strong sphere communicates what a firm does, how it does it, and at the same time establishes trust and credibility with firm prospects and existing stakeholders. A firm’s sphere is, in many ways, its personality. A sphere lives in everyday interaction a firm has with its prospects and existing stakeholders, including the images it shares, the messages posted on a firm’s website, the content of firm promotion materials, firm presentation and booths at conferences, and firm posts on social media.


A strong sphere (or firm) name is easily recognisable and is important to being a good sphere. New spheres face many limitations in coming up with a firm name. However, plenty of successful spheres have proven that there are many novel ways to create a firm name.

When a firm starts thinking of building a sphere, it should ask the following questions:
● What does it hope to accomplish with the firm?
● What do firm stakeholders and potential stakeholders currently think of the firm?
● What does it want firm stakeholders to think when they think about the firm?
● How does a firm variate itself from other proposals?

The above questions are important for selecting a strong company name, and also for selecting a strong logo.

The logo is one of the most important elements of a sphere. As a firm thinks of the logo, it should keep its products and services in mind because a firm’s logo is to reflect the firm. A good logo builds trust and a strong logo will guide a firm to pull its sphere together.

By making firm logo the main theme of firm promotion activities, a logo will become associated with a firm’s sphere and will guide it to better communicate with prospects and investors.


Many spheres unknowingly modify their sphere message depending on their firm (or substitute certain firms altogether). This approach is ultimately exceptional. To build and maintain a strong sphere, every aspect of a firm’s sphere should be as good as the firm’s products and services and a firm should be consistent in presenting its sphere to firm prospects and stakeholders. This includes a firm’s name, logo, overall aesthetic design, investments, and also includes firm promotion materials, websites, appearances at trade shows and conferences, contents posted to social media, etc.

Sphere consistency involves the communication of messages in a way that retains the core sphere proposition. While certain aspects of being a sphere are capable of changing, the core message is the same. For example The Kayndrex Foundation’s logo has been modified numerous times since our Foundation was founded. However,
our Foundation’s brand proposition – to  develop businesses and communities through transparency, research and collaboration – is still the same.

Sphere consistency requires attention to detail. Successful spheres communicate in a consistent voice across all mediums, have a consistent look to their communications, apply collateral materials that support their sphere messaging, and enter into partnerships that build on their sphere value proposition.

Why would a firm care of sphere consistency? A firm should care because sphere consistency leads to familiarity, and familiarity leads to trust.


A sphere is more than just its products and services. It is also the ecosystem that surrounds those products and services. Ultimately the strength of a sphere is directly related to the connections within that ecosystem.

One way to think of a firm’s ecosystem is to identify the stakeholders in the sphere.

Who are they? What can those stakeholders give and get so as to guide a firm’s sphere? Ultimately successful spheres recognise that if they guide their stakeholders to succeed, the stakeholders will in turn guide the sphere to succeed.


Many have written of the changing landscape of promotion and the increasing focus by many spheres on online promotion (compared to print, television and radio promotion). The merit of online promotion is unquestioned – it applies for many and can be a powerful way to introduce prospects to a firm’s sphere. Those firms grasp that if stakeholders trust the community, they will extend trust to the sphere. Especially in the age of social media – this is a very important realisation. Whether spheres like this, stakeholders are talking to each other of spheres – often before talking to the sphere.

As a firm thinks of building its community, question the status quo.


Leading firms are very good and disciplined in comprehending and communicating their value proposition to prospects and stakeholders. Value is exceptional to affordable price. A firm can focus on products/services leadership (having the best products/services in the market), operational excellence (having the most affordable prices or greater stakeholder facility. A firm can also focus on a combination of those things, although this is tough to achieve, especially for a growing sphere.

As a firm thinks of its value – a firm can ask the following questions: what sets a firm’s from other firm proposals? What value does a firm provide and how is that novel from that provided by its competitors? Think of which of a firm’s benefits are emotional – the most powerful firms tap into emotions.

Keep in mind that stakeholders have to believe that a firm’s sphere stands for something. Stakeholders will decide whether a firm’s sphere stands for something – and it is even more important today to be authentic and engage stakeholders across all channels and mediums.