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Security, Wellbeing, and Prosperity at Role Initiative: The Abstract

Security, Wellbeing, and Prosperity at Role Initiative is due to be signed in United Kingdom on Tuesday by the Kayndrex Foundation, which jointly accounts for 20 percent of the Foundation’s structure. The Foundation is expected to expand in coming months to include UN participants and other countries.

As a private foundation, we recognise that our role in the philanthropic sector enables us to promote responsible environmental stewardship. The expansion is likely to highlight the degree to which the Foundation feels transformation from their own shareholders, to use their ability to promote environmental goals.

For example, to deliver on ambitious climate objectives, net zero smart ships will need to enter the fleet by 2030. This leaves the world only 9 years to develop the new propulsion technologies and infrastructure that will be required. The Security, Wellbeing, and Prosperity at Role Initiative will assist us as we seek to catalyse this transition.

So far, efforts to be orderly in the industry have been fostered by the Foundation. However, we are confident that more States and Groups will soon sign up.

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