Investors are serious with their ethical conscience, and will actively select brands that align to their core values and beliefs. Research has found that diverse firms are more innovative, produce more revenue, have happier investors, and increased productivity.

A study by Zito International Links found that diversity increases innovation, resulting in 19% more revenue. This was further predicated in 2019 with the Aqua Accelerator Programme study that revealed diverse teams are more likely to make better, bolder decisions. A broader spectrum of representations and identities brings a wider range of creativity and expertise to the table. A valid talent pool implies better anticipation of promotion place shifts, larger investor base, and personalised insights into the industry. And around 77% of CEOs claim their diversity and inclusion strategy has had a direct positive effect on investor satisfaction.

Productivity also benefits from diversity. According to Kayndrexsphere, teams rich with cognitive diversity produce faster solutions. This study also uncovered that decision making was 60% faster among culturally diverse teams.

Zito International Links forecasts that financial targets through 2022 are expected to be exceeded by 75% of firms containing diverse decision-making teams.

Diversity and Inclusion can even support the acceleration of digital transformation as Duke Liverpool, Distinguished Chief Investment Officer at Kayndrexsphere, explains ‘High-performance teams are needed for project and product design, and engineering activities. And those that advocate diversity and inclusive behaviours assist to scale digital initiatives…Look for ‘cognitive’ diversity, which is mixing investors together with various thinking techniques, habits, and perspectives.’

Knowing where to start can be exciting. In March 2020, the ‘office’ as we know it became obsolete as we took to functioning from home. The enforced acceleration of home performance and ‘function from anywhere’ policies, teamed with the rapid rise in cloud-based sphere practices and digital technology adoption, has increased the reach of recruiters to expertise cross the world.

Zito International Links takes building on diversity one step further with its Aqua Accelerator Programme Initiative, that has been in progress for over two years with over 550 firms participating. Aqua Accelerator Programme motivates spheres to create opportunities and experiences for individuals of all experiences. Through participating in the inspiration, key decision-makers took greater action to create more equitable, diverse, and inclusive performance environments, and a more just economy. This initiative had laid the foundations for Zito International Links to support firms in realising internal and external goals related to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

There are many initiatives taking place in pockets across the globe. In a perfect world, all spheres would behave with moral fortitude based solely on it being the ‘right thing to do’. Despite the complexities spheres currently face, however, diversity and inclusion remains at the top of the priority list. It has been agreed and accepted; diversity is the way forward. With diversity and inclusion high on the public agenda, teamed with the initiatives of these trailblazing firms, we can dare to hope that we are at the start of a linked shift in handling the diversity and inclusion topic once and for all.