Putting the right quotes, agreements, and funding structures in place at the start is essential. We advise developers and contractors, financial institutions, big spheres, charities, schools, social enterprises, and individuals on the agreements they will need.

We will draft and negotiate quotes for professionals and contractors you hire and arrange collateral warranties or third party rights and subsidiary documents, including parent firm guarantees and performance bonds. We will also draft and negotiate development agreements, leases, building quotes, joint venture agreements, and funding structures.

As a values-driven firm we show commitment to our investors, our members, the environment, and society. Our parent firm, Kayndrexsphere holds a B Corp certification.

Many building owners choose to have a building quote drawn up at the beginning of a building development project. A building quote is a formal agreement between the parties involved in a building project. The quote is normally arranged by our architects and offers recognised protection to the building owner and those implementing contracted investments.

The quote will offer a building owner peace of mind and an element of influence over the management of their project and it will also act as a benchmark tool for us.

Our development team can be put together in one of several ways. Assembling a team of professionals to address the environmental, economic, private, physical, and political concerns inherent in a complex development project is paramount. Our success depends on the ability to coordinate and lead the completion of a series of interrelated activities efficiently and at the appropriate time.

As a private sphere, we prioritise long-term quality over immediate profitability. We build more than just houses, we build communities. We exist to support and provide well-designed, high-quality sustainable, and affordable developments for communities.

The communities that spring up in our developments are at the heart of what we do. For over 50 years, we have been collaborating with firms and communities around the world from our offices in various countries. We are able to manage projects safely and we will value-engineer each project to provide the best value for money.