Policies and Resources

Building Materials and Construction Management

Kayndrexsphere’s building materials and construction management team is composed of experienced team members who love the effort they put in. The team’s purpose of existence is to deliver tangible results and develop solid projects. The team’s vision is to deliver the world’s most essential infrastructure and solutions. The team’s mission is to provide our clients with optimal project results. The vision and mission are delivered based on the values we hold true.

Kayndrexsphere has been a major player in the building materials and construction industry for over 15 years. We are part of the modern development of the built environment in various parts part of the world including Africa, Europe, Asia, and America.

We provide technically advanced and value-driven design and engineering solutions for the construction of buildings, civil structures, industries, roads and infrastructure. The Company’s portfolio covers all design and engineering phases from research, to drafts and concepts, to detailed construction design, as well master planning. On a global scale, the Company also engages in the importation, wholesale, retail, shipping and logistics of building materials including tiles, recycled PVC, doors, gates, construction rods, etc.

Most notably, our international and domestic design and engineering ensure professional design and value engineering solutions for the greater success and long term performance of construction projects.