Kayndrexsphere’s Aerospace Department engages in the designing, building, testing, selling, operating, and maintaining of various aerospace products. We are also invested in the financing of various aerospace activities.

Priority Areas: Vehicles (excluding multi-stage launch vehicles), Propulsion and Power, Aerostructures, and Systems.

Enablers: Aerodynamics, Manufacturing, Technology Infrastructure, Materials, Process and Tools.

Our Promise: While our reach is global, we will recognise that developing selective, high quality solutions, products and services, is an important part of how we choose our operations.

Our Purpose: Our purpose of existence is to make vital links by providing our deliverables to communities that need access to them.

Our Vision: Our vision is to be the world’s centre of excellence for supporting a strong and prosperous global aerospace community by evaluating the desires of our clients and delving into the desires identified.

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Our Mission: Our mission is to assist the aerospace industry to become more sustainable by delivering sustainable solutions, products and services.