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Investment Vehicles

Based on the protocol, the investment vehicles can be classified as variable income investment and fixed income investment.

Variable Income Investment

Variable income investment refers to the cash flows generated from the profits of the Company’s digital asset and capital gain/loss, at the time of their sale. Stakeholders enjoy higher returns when the Company’s digital asset performs well and are also entitled to a fixed dividend regardless of if the company performs well or not, usually paid once a year.

Features of Variable Income Investment

i) Capital Profit: In the case of progress and profit to the Company the market value of the digital asset increases. In this case, investors can sell the assets at higher prices to get the capital gains.

ii) More Income: Dividend is fixed and is independent on the profits generated by the Company.

iii) Capital Loss: At the time of reduction of the prices of the asset due to market trends, it is unfavourable to investors to sell their holdings. If an investor has the urgency to sell his/her holdings during this time, then he/she has to incur capital loss.

iv) Loss in the Case of Cyber Event: In the case of any cyber event, the Company first pays its digital certificate holders (fixed income investment). After then if anything remains, it is distributed to variable income investors.

v) Convertibility: Variable Income investors enjoy the option of converting the digital assets into fiat assets.

vi) Best for Investment: Investors who enjoy taking risks for them investment in variable income investment is good investment.

Fixed Income Investment

Fixed Income Investment nicknamed ‘Digital Certificates’ by our Owners represents a hybrid form of income – it takes some characteristics of variable income investment and some attributes of investment certificates. Digital certificate investors enjoy preferential rights with regard to receiving (fixed) dividends and added safety to their principal.

Digital certificates are investment vehicles having preferential rights to claim dividends and to claim repayment of principal in part or in full in the occurrence of a cyber event. Digital certificates is a proprietary investment vehicle issued by Kayndrexsphere under our common seal acknowledging indebtedness to the investor to secure the sum advanced.

Features of Fixed Income Investment

i) More Income: Dividend is fixed and is independent on the profits generated by the Company.

ii) Redeemability: Digital certificates have a limited life after which it is supposed to be repaid to the investor.

iii). Priority in Re-payment of Capital: Digital certificate holders get the priority of repayment of principal as compared to variable income investors.

iv) Best Security: At the time of recession or decline profits fixed income investments are the best investment.

v) Regular and Fixed Income: Fixed and regular/periodic interest is also paid on fixed income investments. It is a source of regular and fixed income for investors. An investor can estimate his income well in advance.

vi) Less Risk: Due to the preference for re-payment, dividend, the digital certificate holders have less risk in the investment.

vii) Secured Assets: The Company has financial assets put aside/insured in case of a cyber event. The digital certificate holders have a general entitlement to the face value of such Company assets, so their investment is quite safe.

vii) Conversion: Digital certificate holders can divest their investment at any time, automatically converting it into variable income investment.

viii) No Extra Profits: Digital certificate holders get a fixed income as interest and dividend irrespective of the quantum of profits earned by the Company. They cannot share the profits even if the Company earns huge amount as profits.

This section contains additional terms applicable to your Fixed Income Investment. You are required to read it in conjunction with our Client Terms and any other documents forming our banking agreement.

 Minimum AgeYou are required to be at least 15 years of age to open an account with us.
Currency OfferKDRX1 1 KDRX is considered a digital asset operated by the Company via its network.
Kayndrexsphere AccountYou are required to maintain a Kayndrexsphere Account for the purpose of investing in fixed income investment with us.
Minimum Initial DepositYou are required to deposit a minimum amount of KDRX0.001.
InterestInterest on a fixed income investment is paid at a rate we determine for the term of the fixed income investment. The applicable interest rate is publicly available to users who maintain a Kayndrexsphere Account.
Maturity of Fixed Income InvestmentIf a fixed income investment matures on a day which is not a working day, then the maturity date is extended to the next working day
DivestmentThe fixed income investments will allow you to divest or make a withdrawal after the 14 days cooling off period with no fees incurred. However, you may not receive all your interest if you divest before maturity.
Cheque Book / Debit CardWe do not issue you a cheque book or physical debit cards. However, by maintaining an account with us you are entitled to a minimum of 1 virtual debit card.

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