Policies and Resources


Policy Description

This policy serves as the main vehicle for positive contributions in the Kayndrex Foundation. The policy is a linked strategic objective that has a close relationship to the mission of the Foundation.

Executive Summary

The Kayndrex Foundation is a sustainability organisation, making effort towards a more sustainable future in a rich variety of industries and subsectors.  

By defining ESG considerations we are one step closer to reaching our goal; to assist communities, creators and brands to a more sustainable path.  

We prove our commitment to sustainability when we make daily business decisions.  

Our mission is especially important to us, and we demonstrate its validity by integrating the notion of ESG and managing our enterprise carefully.


At the Kayndrex Foundation, our mission is to develop businesses and communities through transparency, research and collaboration. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations play a part in this mission and is pertinent to the company’s culture, the inclusive economy, and society at large.  

This policy allows the Kayndrex Foundation to identify potential transition risks, self-assess its ability to be sustainable in the long-term, and take necessary steps to adapt to potential changes in the future. The policy also assists the Kayndrex Foundation to identify certain opportunities for innovation that could generate sustainable profits in the future. Finally, the policy assists in reassuring the Foundation’s stakeholders that the organisation’s values and respects responsible business.    

How we define ESG
  • Environmental – The Kayndrex Foundation’s position in the world allows the organisation to apply resources efficiently, cope with regulatory change and take advantage of opportunities.
  • Social – The Foundation takes diligent care of its stakeholders, has a diverse and upwardly-mobile labour force and sources from safe and stable supply-chains.
  • Governance – The Foundation’s ability to achieve its environmental and social goals is made possible by its governance structure. The organisation’s governance structure is also the foundation on which sustainable, long-term value creation is built.
Our Approach

1. Diversity and Equality  

  • The workplace equity we seek can be applied to make more accurate assessments of the scope and intensity of organisation programmes, performance relative to stakeholders and progress over time.  
  • Our efforts on gender equality and diversity build on our human rights efforts.    

2. Human Rights

  • We continually monitor our business relationships to prevent reputational, financial or legal damage to the company.  
  • We create positive results for our stakeholders by integrating high-quality human rights awareness into our decision-making process.  

We pay active attention to our mission and what it entails for future decision-making.

  3. Environmenatal Practices  

  • We employ natural resources with care and make sure those resources will be available for future generations.  
  • Our key business objectives are built on ambitious goals to protect the environment; we committed to protecting the environment since we first became an organisation.  

  4. Stakeholder Management

  • In an effort to balance our stakeholders’ long term interests, we manage and secure their vital information properly.  
  • While always considering regulations and global expectations when we perform business operations, we also learn and appreciate what our stakeholders cherish and what they expect from our organisation.

5. Training and Development

  • We provide a range of resources for both personal and professional development. These include new enterprise-wide programmes and policies that strive to unify and strengthen our culture.
  • We empower our stakeholders to be resilient by investing in and equipping them with positive competencies and mindset.  

6. Innovation

  • We pay active attention to our mission and what it entails for future decision-making.
  • We strive to adapt and evolve to be an enabler of new opportunities.  
Mission Cost

We investigate three reference fields that influence our mission  

  • Transparency – linked to the transparency and results of general business operations.
  • Research – Measures the quantity and quality of activities that increase knowledge and identifies the effects on stakeholders and society.  
  • Collaboration – Verifies conformity with legislation and our mission statement.