Policies and Resources

Our Approach To A Sustainable Future

Kayndrexsphere is dedicated to a sustainable future. As a collective effort, we make every effort towards a more sustainable future together in a rich variety of industries and subsectors.

Kayndrexsphere as a result, unswervingly reinvented itself and methodically focuses on delivering solutions for the sustainability of the planet. Making people’s lives better and creating an improved tomorrow – we are inspired to tackle climate change through our core business. We are dedicated to operate responsibly, transparently and with competence to continually strengthen the trust of our customers, our partners and society.

The planet is steadily becoming more fragmented, digital, and decarbonised. And that implies, more sustainable. Our core business relationships and customer solutions are making it happen. Our systems are continually getting smarter, which enables them to integrate more sustainable solutions while remaining dependable. Our innovative solutions assist customers of all sizes – from families and small firms to large firms and large cities.

We believe that society relies on everyone’s individual effort to fight climate change, our core concern therefore is to enable society to take a more sustainable path and we will also take part by continually questioning if our business is managed sustainably. We are confident that companies that are managed sustainably influence the society more positively and are more likely to be successful in the long-term.

We dedicate our ourselves to operate sustainably in every aspect. Our business is inspired by sustainability. Operating sustainably implies that when we make business decisions on a daily basis, we specifically consider the immediate and long term effects on tangible and intangible assets and stakeholders. We consider the needs of the current generation and anticipate the needs of future generations.

Particularly, we are focused on realising the following objectives:

  • We intend to help lower Green House Gas emissions by becoming a net-zero company by 2050 or sooner.
  • To safeguard the health and safety of our stakeholders. Our ‘Zero Ambition’ also implies avoiding fatalities no matter what.
  • To create a work environment where our employees can grow and improve their skills and knowledge.
  • To strengthen diversity and inclusion in our labour force.
  • To use green construction processes in the design and construction of a Green Hydrogen plant.
  • To use green construction processes in the design and construction of a sustainable aerospace manufacturing facility.
  • To manage our energy performance and help the UK to meet net zero by following the guidelines given in BS ISO 50005:2021 – Energy management systems – Guidelines for a phased implementation.

We are signatory to the UK Government’s Business Climate Hub and partners with We Mean Business Coalition. We proactively support society and authorities in assisting the world to net zero.