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Royal Society of Business (AKA ZITO GROUP)

We recognise the important role of advisers and investment providers in supporting to prepare for the future, and addressing the desires of today. We know how important it is for firms to perform with advisers they can trust, and who comprehend the unique public benefit oversight.

As a trusted research organisation, firms from across the world often come to us for advice on who they should talk to when they need advice on public benefit activities or projects. We have already guided numerous firms and advisers build long term relationships, and this is an investment which they are increasingly seeking from us.

We do this through our Royal Society of Business. If we are going to create effectual solutions and transform our communities and economies, we have to function together, across industries and across the globe. Royal Society of Business has been designed to provide the support, skills and resources needed for your team to create measurable sustainability effects. Being sustainable creates public benefits. It makes our communities stronger, more inspirational and better prepared for what is to comes, both in terms of legislative changes and our rapidly changing climate.

The Royal Society of Business applies the latest skills to save firms valuable time and money. The Initiative has a unique approach to public benefit consultancy and flexible bonds, ensuring the needs of our partners always come first. Our attributes include efficiency, strategy, and management.

Efficient public benefit collaboration is achieved through establishing a partnership that allows firms to achieve more together than they would have on their own. Our bonds are incentive-based relationship bonds in which firms agree to function together as one integrated team.

Strategy: A firm’s need to create incremental skills in an area of importance is often accelerated with the assistance of our advisers.

Management: The key to effective public benefit collaboration is visibility and responsibility. Trust built between us and our partners enables the adaptability – even renegotiation of the financial terms – to accommodate changes that affect our partners.

Benefits of collaborating with us

Profile – Place your firm as forward-thinking, sustainable, and inspirational.

Human Resource Development – Develop and upskill your human resources to make your firm stronger.

Collaboration – Connect and collaborate with fellow industry practitioners and changemakers.

We are incredibly proud of the relationships we have built with the Partnership/Alliance Initiative. We boast an exceptional reputation among some of the biggest brand names in the world today. We thank our current partners for their support and contribution to the IROPB.

We currently partner with firms looking to perform novel projects or activities except private benefit providers. The RSB also provides an attentive environment for sphere owners worldwide to connect.

The results of our partnership projects and activities have become the primary source of public benefit and are relied upon by the government, firms worldwide (as well as their advisers), academics, and researchers to assist solidify their decision making.

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