Policies and Resources

Inclusiveness and Transparency

As a Sphere that employs a great deal of Information Technology, we apply the fundamentals of legal reasoning, analysis, research, and the basics of credible legal information. Inclusiveness and transparency are the fundamentals of good information.

Inclusive information implies being aware and appreciating who the information is for, staying focused on the fundamental purpose of the information, and choosing the right data. We endeavour to be transparent in our analysis, always bearing in mind that we need to follow guidelines – correct data, credible source, compilation strategy etc. Our goal when compiling information for our investors is comprehensibility.

Ultimately, our results are a function of our personnel, processes, and (information) technology. As a leader, we ensure our personnel, processes, and technology come together into a cohesive operating model that delivers value for the Sphere. We established and applied an effective reference system between our personnel, processes, and technology in the decision-making process to contribute to our responsibility towards information, ensuring inclusiveness and transparency.

We envisage the introduction of inclusive processes of governance and monitoring of information, encouraging significant and structured participation of information in the decision-making process. Thinking of inclusiveness and transparency in our everyday practice, be it in communication, product development, or promotion has the potential to make real positive change to the comprehensibility of (our) information.