Policies and Resources


Engineering our success: to master processes, develop systems, and know exactly what our needs are; these are the requirements for an optimal design and manufacturing of plants. Our objective is to lead in every field of business we operate with by always exhibiting top performance. We are determined to satisfy the needs of the public and expectations by developing technologically advanced and efficient systems.

The organisation is a proof that excellence can only be achieved by allowing visions and uniting all resources. We stand for willpower, proven technology, and the quest for new ideas. Numerous innovations, total stakeholder orientation, and highly qualified personnel contributed to our success in becoming a global player in the industry. Our partners in the industry appreciate above all, our comprehensive know-how in all fields of raw material handling. We master the process steps and process engineering from raw material receiving to processing, and develop integrated solutions designed to fit perfectly into the system – from one single source. Our scope naturally includes highly developed system monitoring and a professional information facility.

Raw material receiving, storage, discharge, conveying, processing, metering, and mixing: we develop exceptional solutions in every field. We also design and manufacture all key components – most of them are copyrighted and trade secrets. The system’s excellent build quality ensures continuous operation round-the-clock, and its design allows easy cleaning and complies with the industry’s high standards of hygiene.

All beginnings are easy: even reception of raw materials represents an important factor for a successful plant operation. Therefore, it is advantageous to have a partner who knows what is important. We analyse, in advance, factors such as plant location and construction to ensure optimum dimensions of the system. Hygienic aspects, environmental conditions, and industrial health and safety are taken into consideration. Product receiving stations should be able to handle various packaging types. Our customised systems can receive all the selected raw materials and convey them to storage area or directly into processing. Discharge is practically dust-free. Sifting of the bulk-materials ensures a reliable quality control.

We are also prepared to fulfil our proposals in terms of raw material delivery.

  • In container, tanks, or holds, standard design or special application with heating, insulation, agitator, etc.
  • In bags of up to 30kg.
  • In plastic Big-Bags up to 2 tons, for single application or recyclable packaging.
  • In tanker trucks of up to 25 tons, with gravimetric, pneumatic, or pump discharge.

Storage of raw materials is a decisive factor for the quality of the final product. Therefore, the Kayndrex Foundation relies on FIFO principle to ensure gentle handling of the raw materials. We develop individual storage solutions depending on the product properties, as they could require cooling, insulation, blanketing with dried air, discharge devices to prevent the forming of lumps, and explosion protection. Our silos and storage tanks are designed to ensure optimum conditions for cleaning, oxidation-free storage, and appropriate temperature regulation.

Raw materials should be handled as carefully as possible when conveyed to the various processing stations. To do so, we apply conventional and pneumatic conveying methods that range from dilute phase [vacuum and pressure] conveying systems to pneumatic systems applying an inert gas. For conveying liquid raw materials, various pump systems, e.g., centrifugal pumps, rotary piston pumps or piston metering pumps are applied.

Proper processing of raw materials is a key component in the entire process. We constantly provide our partners with innovations that will ensure effective advantage. We analyse the trend in the industry at an early stage and act accordingly. Fully automatic and continuous production is another industry requirement for which we have already supplied the solution. Our partners invest in a lot of money in our plants, so they want to be sure that everything will function exactly as they have imagined. To provide them with the necessary investment security right from the start, we invest a lot of money in technologies.

All components of the Kayndex Foundation automation concepts are designed to fit perfectly into the system. Most of our process and automation technologies have been developed in-house and offer decisive advantages compared to standard systems. Optimised process management is also based on our own software solutions and offers everything from single scaling to fully automatic production with connection to the Internet.

Furthermore, we can put theory into practice. Our technology centre provides the possibility to test among others the conveying capacity, metering capacity, metering accuracy, and mixing applications with raw materials. We develop individual processes for raw material handling together with our partners and can test the specific requirements on site.

We design, assembly, and commission plants all over the world. You can rely on us whether for stakeholder trainings, professional instruction in production processes, proper maintenance, safe operation of the management systems or the development of safety standards. Naturally, we also provide maintenance, perform inspections and repairs, and offer a spare parts facility.

Whether partner, supplier, or entrepreneur – it is the people that are important. The Kayndrex Foundation values team effort within the global system, in collaboration with our stakeholders or in one of the many project groups that actively contribute to our common success.